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              Guangzhou Lighting Glass Co.,Ltd


              Wechat:159 8913 4102

              Tel: +86 159 8913 4102

              Mr.Leisen LAI

              About Us

              Guangzhou Lighting Glass Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacture of precision glass ,we have become the offical partner of SCHOTT BOROFLOAT?(Germany), dealing in SCHOTTBOROFLOAT?33, ROBAX?、, B270 and D263T processing ect.., which are widely used for lighting , optical communication, medical science, life science, optics, aerospace, military and scientific research ect..

              Contact Us


              Skype: 86 15989134102

              Whatsapp:86 15989134102

              Tel: +86 15989134102
              Mr.Leisen LAI

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